There is a great advantage dealing with a finance company that is more familiar with what you are purchasing. A lot of banks don't know much about equipment so it is harder for them to evaluate your items, whereas people in the industry—like Ritchie Bros. Financial Services—have the expertise to evaluate your property more accurately.

Gian Sansalone, Domti Engineering & Construction Ltd.

The online application process was very user friendly and fast—it was easy to understand exactly what information was needed and how to submit it correctly.

David Goldfarb, West Coast Reclamation

I have financed equipment through banks before, but when you get into certain used equipment, especially something that is a little bit older, the banks can only finance a certain portion of it. Ritchie Bros. Financial Services has a much wider range of equipment that it covers and that really helps.

Frank Behnke, Best Truck Service & Automotive Ltd.

The entire process, from application through getting my financing, was fast, friendly and an overall positive experience.

Mike Clift, President of Sun Coast Materials Co.

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